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Ailey's william dream

Ok so I really don't think any of my fbr dreams that i can remeber at the moment are interesting enough to put up here so I'll put one of my friend's dreams up. So my friend really dislikes the way William Beckett looks. She thinks he's hideous. But she always ends up having the best dreams about him so this is the first dreawm she had about him (which I think is the best):
ok so she asked her parents for concert tickets to see TAI. so they got them for her and they were specifically section 9 row 1. so then she went to the concert and it was awesome and everything (of course). so now it's one week later and she wakes up (she's sleeping in her dream and wakes up in her dream) and william was holding her "gently in his arms" as she puts it. and he was sleeping with her (not as in like...having sex or nething it was just...cozy? i guess) so anyway her back is against his chest and he moved a little so she woke up and he was like "oh i woke u up? I'm sorry."
ad then she's like "ur not going to leave me are you?"
and "he looked at her and gave her a small gentle smile" as she put it. and then he storkes her cheek and says "no never."
and then she woke up.

so ya i liked this dream of hers alot and i wish i had it. it kinda reminds me of an edward-bella scene or something.  so ya, I'll post one of my own dreams up when I remember one that was actually good. although i had one the other night that was really short with ryan ross in it so maybe i'll post something about that :p


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